Re: Hello?

On 27/04/04 16:15:49, Christian Meyer wrote:

You mean agnubis (which was really a failure). I was partly involved there, too. It mainly hasn't reached any stable release, because people didn't think in detail what they were trying to do. Let's not make the same mistake(s) again...

It has been brought to my attention that some persons not participating in this communication might not pass a specific series of drug tests.

It might be nice for someone, with knowledge of previous events, to use the cross-application framework of AbiWord to, oh, I don't know, start AbiShow.

looks very dead. No commits for almost 2 months now. Is it really using the abi-framework, yet? I don't think so (at least what I've seen code-wise). I think for now it should be freshly started using the framework. criawips has been discussed for months now (without any releases). I hope that time has come now...

Who let the engineer on the mailing list!?


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