Re: Hello?

On 22/04/04 05:43:35, Colin JN Breame wrote:
I havent seen much traffic through this list - is gnome office still

Let there be discussion!

Me and a uni friend were thinking about writing a PowerPoint clone for Gnome. Do you think this is a good idea?

Now, don't listen to everyone else; listen to your editor--he knows more.

Criawips is the way of the future. Sven and I just talked about it a week and a half ago. Criawips is back into production, and you can get into it while it's very early. It's biggest advantage is that it will use AbiWord as a codebase. This places it far above everything else floating around, because AbiWord was designed by clue-laden people that knew what it would take to handle multiple formats (like rtf or...pp), with multiple layouts (html page or...outline), on multiple platforms (Windows or...unix).

Not only would you be working with a code-base that has experience, but you'll also be working with a coder who has already tried building another slideshow application...and knows why that one failed.

This is a great chance to get in on the project while it is still (but not eternally) young (released 0.0.2 last month).


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