Plugin Unloading

Another question for the design doc.

The current design seems to be based around a plugin offering up
services to be consumed. The application is then in charge of consuming
a service. The question is, how do we handle the user going into a GUI
and telling the app to unload the foo plugin? It can't be unloaded
until the application stops using it. Should we have an event of sorts
on a plugin class / service class to say, this plugin is unloading,
expect it to go away? That sounds like it could be a lot of work for
the programmer using the plugin system.

We could use refcounting and say, the plugin is unloadable only when
refcount is 0. But then the app can't hold on to a service when its not
being used. For my app, this wouldn't work well at all. It could work
for my app if I forced the use of ghost services so maybe it is ok.


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