Re: Re-energising th eGnome Office portal

Alan Horkan wrote:
remove, strike out Agnubis, or (maybe) replace with Criawips (although
that is probably not such a good idea as i has not had a release yet).

Criawips is vapourware. The most likely of the presentation apps to rear it's head is 'AbiShow' whom a few people on the AbiWord dev list have discussed. The good thing is it will basically be build on AbiWord components and they are doing the groundwork necessary at the moment.

The GIMP team certainly dont consider themselves part of Gnome let alone
part of Gnome Office, although it is useful information from the user
point of view.

Yes, the distinction between willing Gnome Office member applications and unwilling ones needs to be made somewhere.

If Gimp merits a mention then so does CinePaint
and the newly formed Inkscape probably deserves a
mention alongside Sodipodi.


- Charlie

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