Gammu: Gnome Office candidate

Gammu (GNU All Mobile Management Utilities):

Feature overview:
* sms (for AT and Nokia devices). It includes getting/setting/sending and support for various formats like EMS (IMelody/text formatting/linking/bitmaps), Smart Messaging (profiles/bitmaps/ringtones), WAP/MMS settings or bookmarks (Sony Ericsson and Nokia style), VCARD/VCALENDAR and other * phonebook (for Alcatel BE5/BF5 in binary mode, Siemens, Nokia and AT devices)
    * logos (for Siemens and Nokia devices)
    * ringtones (for Siemens and Nokia devices)
    * calendar (for Alcatel BE5/BF5 in binary mode, Siemens and Nokia)
* uploading files to OBEX devices (almost each current phone with infrared has it) or Nokia DCT3/DCT4. It includes for example uploading files to Gallery/Tones (with Nokia) and general support for phone filesystem (according to device capatibilities) * call functions (like setting or getting diverts, making calls, answering and other)
    * enabling various phone menus (netmonitor and other)
    * testing phone (different phone tests for example for Nokia devices)
    * WAP/MMS settings and bookmarks (Nokia)
    * making backup/restore (various formats)

There is not equilaent synchronisation support in Gnome Office that I can see, other than perhaps that which comes with Evolution.

- Charlie

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