gLabels: Gnome Office candidate

Shouldn't gLabels be in Gnome Office:

"gLabels is a lightweight program for creating labels and business cards for the GNOME desktop environment. It is designed to work with various laser/ink-jet peel-off label and business card sheets that you'll find at most office supply stores."

It looks really good and is more flexible than it's name/description suggests. It recently drew this praise from a comment on Footnotes:

"gLabels is awesome. For the longest time I looked for an app that filled this function, and let me tell you I am impressed.

I think the project should consider changing the name and relabeling the project a "lightwieght desktop publisher" program. When you select a full page rather than a label it functions beautifully for flyers, etc... creation very similar to a simple 'MS Publisher'. They really should consider something like this since I think it would atract more interrest than a "lightweight label creater" - that really does the product a diservice.

gLabels is fantastic and should be considered an integral part of the GNOME office application suite along with gnumeric, abiword, and dia."

- Charlie

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