Agata: Gnome Office candidate?

I just spotted this on freshmeat:

"Agata Report is a cross-platform database reporting tool with graph generation and a query tool like Crystal Reports that allows you to get data from PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, MS-SQL, Informix, InterBase, Sybase, or Frontbase and export that data as PostScript, plain text, HTML, XML, PDF, or spreadsheet (CSV) formats through its graphical interface. You can also define levels, subtotals, and a grand total for the report, merge the data into a document, generate address labels, or even generate a complete ER-diagram from your database."

I cannot see an equivalent reporting tool on the gnome-office frontpage.

The only drawback is that it is currently Gtk1. I have no idea whether a Gtk2/Gnome2 port is intended.

- Charlie

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