Re: DTD problem with MrProject

tor 2003-11-13 klockan 00.04 skrev Christian E. Kaas:
> I sent the following to the codefactory team but none of their listed 
> email addreses work. So I will try putting it here instead. Are they 
> dead or are their mail server just down temporarily?!

Like Alan said, see

Feel free to join our new lists at

> To be direct and concrete, the problem is the DTDs - mrproject-0.6.dtd 
> and mrproject-0.5.1.dtd. When trying to open a project file the program 
> reports in terminal that it wants an encoding declaration in the initial 
> xml tag.

> It works if I extend the xml tag
> <?xml version ="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

You should use encoding="UTF-8" since that's the encoding of the files.

> The program itself displays the following perhaps misleading message in 
> an error box to the user
> "Couldn't find a suitable file module for loading 
> '/home/cek/documents/mrproject_samf laeseplan.mrproject"
> I guess most users would quickly conclude the program is bad and not 
> worth spending time on... which in fact is quite to the contrary. Could 
> this be fixed somehow?!

We're working on this and will try to solve it as quickly as possible,
so hang in there :)


Richard Hult                    richard imendio com

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