Re: Gnumeric has branched

Jody Goldberg <jody gnome org> writes:
> The gnumeric-1-2 branch will continue to receive patches.
> I strongly recommend _against_ translating HEAD for the time being.
> The function doc format will change shortly.  The new format will be
> discussed here, and should decrease the translation load.
> 1.3.0 already requires gtk-2.3, and is targeted for release with the
> rest of gnome-office shortly after gnome-2.6 (possibly for GUADEC ?).

Following Jody's recommendations above, I've put gnumeric-1-2 branch
on the translation status pages now instead of HEAD. I guess it should
stay that way at least until a Gnome 2.6 release, when we (the
translators) should probably switch focus to 1.3/HEAD.

If anyone disagrees, please say so (and for what reasons :), and I'll
revert my changes.


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