Re: Python bindings bounty

On Thu, 2003-12-04 at 01:10, Adrian Custer wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> This bounty was just announced:
> Since he wants to pay cash for doing the very work we are planning on,
> it seems like we could easily link the work on gnumeric scripting with
> the proposed bounty hunt.
> The project is actually quite large since it spans everything from the
> core of gnumeric to the not-really-existing GNOME office level. As a
> start, I'd suggest those who best understand the work that may be
> involved trying to come up with some sort of proposal/roadmap or at
> least a plan for developing this proposal. The proposal would explain to
> me at least what this work is going to require and maybe I could figure
> out a way to contribute.
IMO we should try to take advantage of this to finish the shared
scripting engine in the gnome-office module. It contains already a (very
basic) mono scripting engine, so adding python to it and making sure it
is a sane API and implementation could be a step forward for GNOME
Office integration.


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