RE: Python bindings bounty

Hi Adrian,

I've been working on exposing large chunks of AbiWord via a stable C API/ABI. I wanted to do an initial hack to expose Abi's innards via something like SWIG. Of course, this has the disadvantage of (amongst other things), the bindings aren't nearly as good as they could be. But, then again, it does have the advantage of:

1) Staying in sync with our internals basically "for free"
2) Not needing a dedicated maintainer
3) Giving us more than 1 scripting language

If we can collaborate and centralize our efforts, that'd be great.


From: Adrian Custer <acuster nature berkeley edu>
To: gnumeric list <gnumeric-list gnome org>
CC: gnome-office list <gnome-office-list gnome org>
Subject: Python bindings bounty
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2003 16:10:57 -0800

Hey everyone,

This bounty was just announced:

Since he wants to pay cash for doing the very work we are planning on,
it seems like we could easily link the work on gnumeric scripting with
the proposed bounty hunt.

The project is actually quite large since it spans everything from the
core of gnumeric to the not-really-existing GNOME office level. As a
start, I'd suggest those who best understand the work that may be
involved trying to come up with some sort of proposal/roadmap or at
least a plan for developing this proposal. The proposal would explain to
me at least what this work is going to require and maybe I could figure
out a way to contribute.

The proposal could then simply be submitted for the bounty. We might
want to sub-bounty parts of the work but that's a question for later.
Anyone have ideas for how to build up this plan? Any suggestions for
linking the work on gnumeric with the work on abi/OOo?

all the best,

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