Abiword in Evolution.

Hi Folks,
	 Well after some major hacks to evolution I succeded in
embedding abiword in evolution. 

See screenshot at:


However the abiword widget/control objects violently when asked to draw
onto pixels that haven't been mapped. The hack to make this proof of
principle screen shot was to put the relevant loading/drawing controls for
the abiword widget into an idle function in the mail-display.c function in

The real solution will be to make the abiword widget delay loading/drawing
until it has been mapped. I'll put some in code in to do this next. If
this all the works, embedding abiword in evolution should "Just
Work" with no modification of evolution at all.

However, evolution will draw scrollbars outside the abiword control widget
which has it's own scroll bars. I think that this is the wrong thing for
evolution to do. A Word Processing document can easily be greater than
the maximum height of a gtk widget (around 32,000 pixels). It would be
better if the evolution did not put scroll bars around the abiword widget
and just let abiword use it's own scrolling system which can handle this.

Would you guys be willing to accept a patch that detects if the presence
of and abiwidget control and not put in scroll bars?

Anyway, thanks for your help. More improvements to follow :-)



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