Abiword in Evolution

Hi Folks,
	 Well after some major hacks to evolution I succeded in
embedding abiword in evolution. The abiword widget/control objects
violently to trying draw onto pixels that haven't been mapped. The hack
to make this proof of principle screen shot was to put the relevant
loading/drawing controls for the abiword widget into a idle function in
the mail-display.c function in evolution.

The real solution will be to make the abiword widget delay loading/drawing
until it has been mapped. I'll put some in code in to do this next. If
this all the works embedding in evolution should "Just Work" TM*.

However the issue of external scroll bars to the abiword widget should
also be addressed. A Word Processing document can easily be greater than
the maximum height of a gtk widget (around 32,000 pixels). It would be
better if the evolution did not put scroll bars around the abiword widget.

Would you guys be willing to accept a patch that detets if the presence of
and abiwidget control and not put in scroll bars?

Anyway, thanks for your help. More improvements to follow :-)



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