Re: Unify things across GNOME Office (UI & icons)

Alan Horkan wrote:
> How close are are applications to being compliant with the Gnome 2 HIG?
> It should be possible to be mostly compliant but I think this is harder
> than it sounds to be 100% compliant with the guidelines, the devil is in
> the details.

It's true that the devil is in the details, but it's also true that no
application is ever expected to be "100% compliant" with a set of user
interface guidelines-- or at least not ones like ours that are trying to
be generic enough to encompass an entire desktop.

IMHO it's probably more important that developers understand *why* a
particular guideline exists, so that (assuming they also have a good
understanding of their target audience), they can judge whether that
guideline applies to their application or not.


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