Re: Unify things across GNOME Office (UI & icons)

On Tue, Jun 25, 2002 at 01:04:58AM +0200, Sven Herzberg wrote:
> Referring to the HIG, it shouldn't contain GNOME or X in the names (as
> Agnubis and Gnumeric implement this already). So these should be:
> 	Abiword Word Processing
> 	Agnubis Presentations
> 	Gnumeric Spreadsheet
> (even if i think that 'Word Processor (Abiword)' and so on would be
> better.)

Actually, those suggestions don't seem very well thought... or somewhat
Particularly in the case of Abiword Word Processor (repetitive, huh?)

In GNOME2, I see the panel launchers showing in the tooltips:

   [ Name ]
   [ Generic Name ]

This is rather different than: [ Name ] [ Generic Name ]
since the first example displays a proper separation  between the name
of the application and the name of the functionality.

So we should have:

   Word Processor

   IRC Client

etc... instead of:
    AbiWord Word Processing

or  X-Chat IRC Client

which are somewhat awkward looking.

Maybe this particular distinction should be brought up to the HIG authors.


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