Unify things across GNOME Office (UI & icons)

Hi all,

i recognized that a lot of things a implemented in very different ways
across GNOME Office. To make it easier for users to get into GNOME
Office we should unify a lot of things (IMHO the most important and
hardest to unify thing is the UI).

I'd like to see especially gnumeric and abiword developers (as these
apps are the 'main apps' from GNOME Office) having an IRC meeting to
discuss the main parts of the UI (especially the menu-structure and
common toolbar layout).

I sent this mail also to usability because the have made a HIG, which
should be kept im mind when discussing UI design (as i tried to when
creating agnubis' menu structure).

I also liked Uraeus idea of unifying the gnome-office icons. IMO we
should have two sets of graphics:
1. a small icon (that can be even recoginzed in sizes of 24x24 pixels)
that represents the application in the menu and in the tasklist (like
the MS Office icons can be recognized at 16x16 pixels)
2. a bigger image (let's say 200x200 pixels) that can be used on splash
screens or on preferences' title pages like gedit has one.


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