Consistent and good looking logo's for the GNOME Office projects

Hi good people,
I am currently creating a website for Agnubis the GNOME Presentation
program. As I did with Gnumeric I have made a temporary logo for it
which I am worrying that will end up to be semi-permanent like the
Gnumeric one. As you probably realize I am not a graphics artist at all,
just a Gimp Script-Fu fumbler at best.

If no one here objects I would like to put up a request on Gnotices for
a graphics artist to help us create a consistent looking and nice set of
logo's for each project in the GNOME Office family. This logos I will
use both on the GNOME Office sites hosted at and on the GNOME
Office pages to profile the package.

My idea would be that each logo was a creature holding/wearing something
related to each project. Examples would be:

Gnumeric: Gnu holding a abacus
Abiword:  Abi the Ant hold a fountain pen
Agnubis:  Gnu in Egyptian clothing
and so on. 

However I would like to leave as much up to the artist as possible, even
scrapping my idea, my main concern would be that the graphics was drawn
with the same hand and that when people where looking at them got a
visual impression that they belong to the same series.

A overall logo for the GNOME Office project would also be nice.

So if there are any objections please let me know.


For reference:

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