Re: Consistent and good looking logo's for the GNOME Office projects

Is a good idea, count on me to help in the set of graphics.
By the way:
why not a (friendly) chacal for your program Agnubis? Though Agnubis is the God of Death for Ancient Aegyptians, represented by a chacal (mixture between fox and dog) we can "forget" that part and use this new character insted the gnu again.
And for Dia I would go for a Bird.
Well, before starting, why don't you go ahead with your idea and let's see how many people join us?
nestor di

On 08 Jun 2002 10:35:32 +0200
"Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller" <Uraeus linuxrising org> wrote:

> Hi good people,
> I am currently creating a website for Agnubis the GNOME Presentation
> program. As I did with Gnumeric I have made a temporary logo for it
> which I am worrying that will end up to be semi-permanent like the
> Gnumeric one. As you probably realize I am not a graphics artist at all,
> just a Gimp Script-Fu fumbler at best.
> If no one here objects I would like to put up a request on Gnotices for
> a graphics artist to help us create a consistent looking and nice set of
> logo's for each project in the GNOME Office family. This logos I will
> use both on the GNOME Office sites hosted at and on the GNOME
> Office pages to profile the package.
> My idea would be that each logo was a creature holding/wearing something
> related to each project. Examples would be:
> Gnumeric: Gnu holding a abacus
> Abiword:  Abi the Ant hold a fountain pen
> Agnubis:  Gnu in Egyptian clothing
> and so on. 
> However I would like to leave as much up to the artist as possible, even
> scrapping my idea, my main concern would be that the graphics was drawn
> with the same hand and that when people where looking at them got a
> visual impression that they belong to the same series.
> A overall logo for the GNOME Office project would also be nice.
> So if there are any objections please let me know.
> Christian
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