Re: [discuss] Call for Interest to Open Source Community - conversion of data objects.

man, 2002-06-03 kl. 16:43 skrev Eric Schabell:

> We are interested in reaching all developers working on the various
> relevant Open Source Software projects and have attached a "Call for
> Interest" paper detailing our plans. 
> Would you be so kind to take a look and (if appropriate) pass it on the the
> open source community in which you are working?
> Reactions to: pronir-conversion cs kun nl

Sorry, but:

1: Who has sanctioned this posting?
2: Why *in the name of all that's holy* isn't there:
	2.1: a security policy in this group, where the obvious dangers
	of such a "feature" are clearly manifested;
	2.2: a co-ordinator who passes such spam as this on to the above
	security group?



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