bugzilla component for Gnome Office? (fwd)

To avoid useful ideas mentioned on the list being lost, i suggest a new
component be created in Bugzilla for Gnome-Office to file bugs against.

i realise most bugs should be filed against the specific application in
question, but this would be to keep track of integration issues and
maybe be good place to track code that could be reused.


I was reminded of matters of Gnome Office integration by Dom Lachowicz who
is working on the proposed (X)HTML clipboard support for better data
interchange between Abiword and other Gnome Office applications.  (see
message included below).

An Abiword user also convinced me why Email integration was so good.
I am sure this was already mentioned here and that it could be done, and
that it should allow for more methods than just email.
It would be really great if a consistant approach could be taken that
would provide portable reusable code.

This Integration could almost be filed under gnome-desktop, so i realise
there may be a better approach than creating a seperate Gnome-Office
component in bugzilla.


Alan Horkan

P.S. For future reference, i found the website for the company who plan to
GPL the GoBe Productive Office Suite, although it is only one page at the
moment.  http://www.freeradicalsoftware.com/

Using whois i got more information and made sure it was the right

On 29 Aug 2002, Dom Lachowicz wrote:

> Date: 29 Aug 2002 14:08:04 -0400
> From: Dom Lachowicz <doml appligent com>
> To: AbiWord Developer List <abiword-dev abisource com>
> Subject: Commit: export XHTML data to the UNIX clipboard
> There are a few things that might need to be worked around in the future
> (like how to represent images - maybe MHT?), but this seems to work for
> now. Other platform maintainers may or may not want to post the HTML
> data to their respective clipboards - if so, you just need to add maybe
> 3 lines of code to your ap_$(FE)App class.
> This should help our inter-operability with a bunch of the more
> "heavy-weight" UNIX apps like Mozilla and OpenOffice. This is also an
> item on my Gnome Office "Promised TODO" list. We post XHTML data under

I filed this bug requesting that Gnome bugzilla should have a componet to
track Gnome Office so there would be a good place to put things like
"Promised TODO list"

maybe i should mention this to the Gnome Office list?

> the text/html and application/xhtml+xml clipboard mime-type atoms. If
> there are other HTML mime types that I'm missing and might be useful to
> post under, just tell me. It's trivial to add them.
> FYI, on UNIX we now paste under 4 TEXT, 2 RichText, and 2 HTML targets.
> We can receive from 4 TEXT, 2 RichText, and 5 image targets. Receiving
> HTML clipboard data will be one of my next goals.
> Cheers,
> --
> Dom Lachowicz <doml appligent com>

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