Re: Gnome Office summary from the Gnome Summit.

On Thu, Jul 25, 2002 at 11:57:04AM +1000, Martin Sevior wrote:
> * Have a gnome-office panel?shell? to launch these applications.
I doubt there is much utility in this given the divergences in the
code base.
> * Copy and paste (maintaining formatting) easily from application to
>   application. (Concensus was to use (X)Html to X clipboard?)
Sounds very useful.  However, we'll need to support something like
an embeddable dia to support the MS Office shared drawing layer.

> * Some wizards to whip up useful applications from users.
>   (eg Form letters, envolope printing)
Property editor type dialogs would definitely be useful to share
    - hyper-links MS Office uses 1 dialog for all the apps
    - prop boxs for the various drawing layer objects
    - printer config

> * Embed Guppi plots in gnumeric/AbiWord
> * Embed spreadsheets in AbiWord
This raises an interesting point.  The more I've played with
embedding guppi the clearer it has become that the initial attempt
to have a 'generic graph interface' was not helpful.  Getting anough
data into guppi to do proper graphing needs a reasonable data store.
I suspect that the bestway to embed guppi into abi will be for abi
to embed gnumeric and gnumeric to wrap a guppi view.

> * Integration with Galeon/Nautilus - display Office (MS documents, OO,
>   WP, *) in the web browser/ Nautilus.
It would certainly be nice in some spots to get access to the
systems notion of
    - recently visited urls
    - recent email targets
> * Integration with Nautilus - display contents of MS word/ Word
>   Perfect/SO/OO/HTML/(everything else) documents inside Icons as is
>   currently done with text docs. We could do this rather easily with
>   AbiWord and would be a genuinely new feature on the desktop.
ouch, sounds a mite expensive.  1 notion that Dom and I discussed
was using the MS-ian notion of 'dual streams' and using the new
structured file formats to actually save the content twice.  Once in
native form, and again in something more amenable to previews.

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