Re: GNOME Office pages - News update

On Mon, Monday, 22 January 2001 1:41, Christian Schaller wrote:

> The new (and much improved) GNOME Office pages are now closed to 
> finished for what I have deemed their 1.0 release, all that remains are 
> getting a couple of replies from some of the project authors and some 
> spell checking.
> I am sending out this mail so that all interested parties can have a 
> look at the pages (and scream at me if needed :)

All in all, this looks quite nice.  There are a few things that you
might consider changing, though:

- I'd prefer a more muted set of colors for the table background;

- The two halves of the table are of different widths.  This lead me
  to wonder what the difference between the left and right half of the
  table was.  I'd suggest either using a single column, or forcing the
  two halves to be of equal width;

- Some of the categories lump together applications that are fairly
  dissimilar (email/groupware/web browser) or which I'd have
  grouped differently (project/engineering).  I'd probably have made a
  seperate category for each of these programs, something like:

    Word Processors:	 Abiword, Open Writer
    Spreadsheets:        Gnumeric, Open Calc
    Project Management:  Touxdoux
    Finance:             Gnu Cash
    Presentation:	 Impress
    Database:		 Gnome-DB
    E-mail:              Balsa
    Groupware:           Evolution
    Web Browser:         Galeon
    Image Viewers:	 Eye of Gnome
    Vector Graphics:	 Sodopodi, Sketch
    Raster Graphics:	 Gimp, Open Draw
    Plotting:		 Guppi
    Diagramming:         Dia

- The link at the bottom of the page (The serf responsible...) is

> the technologies page especially since I am not sure I have gotten
> all the fact correct there.  (The pages are currently available at:

- Under the "Technologies" section, it would probably be worth
  also mentioning GTK+, ORBit, and perhaps the Gnome libs.

I hope this doesn't sound too critical.  I actually like the job that
you've done.  These are just a few things would have made the page an
easier read for me.

John Kodis <kodis acm org>
Phone: 301-286-7376

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