Re: New GNOME Office pages

Hey gang. Christian is right, we haven't been developing Achtung lately
for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest problems was the lack of a
rich text canvas item, and we had forked the text widget that is now in
GTK 1.3/2.0 for a canvas item. Rather than requiring our users to use a
buggy and deprecated widget which we would then have to port again when
GNOME 2.0 came around, we've put it on hold. In the meantime, a few of
us have had "real job" things that have taken up most of our time, but
we've done some infrastructural work. Check out, for example, Mike
Kestner's bonobo-draw stuff (it's on sourceforge) which I'd personally
love to see implemented in all of the office apps.

The decision to delay until GNOME 2.0 was largely due to a lack of time
and to a lesser extent a lack of infrastructure. If people want to do
some hacking on it, I'd be happy to oblige them. :)


> Achtung has been put on hold until GNOME 2.0 is out. The hackers
> developing it felt the infrastructure they needed wasn't here until
> then.
> > I looked at your page, and noticed one thing missing that I've been waiting 
> > for - achtung.  Anyone know the status of it?  I would love to see an open 
> > source presentation package for GNOME, preferably not integrated into an 
> > office suite, a la Open Office (nothing against the Open Office folks, just 
> > different styles of working).

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