Re: New GNOME Office pages

Christian Schaller <Uraeus linuxrising org> writes:

> Hi Bernhard,
> Sure I add Sketch, I just hadn't seen any CVS activity lately from you
> so I wasn't sure if you where still active or not.

Sketch is alive and well. It's just that I have recently started a new
Job and moved to another city which seriously limited my time for
Sketch. Things have settled down a bit now and I'm currently preparing a
new stable release with some bug fixes and hope to continue with the
0.7.x series soon.

> I hope you plan on start using some of the GNOME libraries at some
> time however, this is supposed to present GNOME Office not Gtk office
> :)

Well, Sketch already uses libart :), but I do plan to use other GNOME
libs as well. However, I want to keep GNOME support in Sketch optional
in the sense that it should be possible to use most of Sketch's features
without having gnome libs installed, although you may not be able to use
everything. Bonobo support would be such a feature.



PS: Gimp isn't really a GNOME program either, although it's probably a
special case because of GTK.

Intevation GmbH                       

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