Re: New GNOME Office pages

On 16 Jan 2001 01:07:04 +0100, Christian Schaller wrote:
> Hi,
> I am in the middle of updating the GNOME Office pages at 
> since the current ones are so outdated it's embarasing. 
> My work in progress pages are found at:
> I would appreciate it ifdevelopers on each on the projects to took a 
> look at the pages and gave me some feedback
> on missing or wrong information.
> One thing currently missing that I am aware of is mailing list 
> information for each project and the screenshots also needs improvements.
Hi Christian!

Just 2 things about the gnome-db page:
* features:
   - Supports multiple database backends, including Postgresql, Mysql,
Oracle, ODBC, Sybase, ...
   - Distributed architecture thanks to the use of CORBA
   - A CORBA-based report engine
   - Support for exporting/importing data between unrelated RDBMS
   - XML queries for allowing portable commands between RDBMS
   - Complete set of [visual] tools for all your database access needs
   - Complete set of libraries for allowing the development of apps
based on gnome-db/libgda
* screenshots: you can find more recent screenshots in
The one in your gnome-db page is very very old

The rest is ok

I hope this helps


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