Re: [api-dev] Re: starting new project: OpenOffice and Bonobo

[I'm not on a couple of the lists ...]

On Mon, 8 Jan 2001, Torsten Schulz wrote:

> I forgot to recommend a mailing list:
>   discussions should be done on dev whiteboard openoffice org (see
> for subscription).
>   *but*: this mailing list seems to do not work. Until this issue is
> fixed please use dev openoffice org 

So, should it be:
	a) packaged with the next snapshot (due out Friday)
	b) packaged as a separate tarball and downloadable from the
	   OpenOffice site

If b) is going to be binary compatible with several snapshots, b) is a
good idea, otheriwse I think a) is a better idea.

'packaged how' is a another thing 8-)

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