Re: starting new project: OpenOffice and Bonobo

I forgot to recommend a mailing list:

  discussions should be done on dev whiteboard openoffice org (see for subscription).
  *but*: this mailing list seems to do not work. Until this issue is
fixed please use dev openoffice org 

Tuesday, November 07, 2000, 6:23:59 PM, you wrote:

> Hi all,

> I just finished a brief overview about a new project
> 'OpenOffice - Bonobo Integration' on:


>   Something about motivation and goals of this project is written
> there. We have checked in some code into CVS, enabling OpenOffice to be
> a Bonobo server for containers like Nautilus.

>   Everyone is welcome to contribute ideas or code, how to bring OpenOffice
> and GNOME closer together on the level of component technology.

Best regards,
 Torsten                            mailto:Torsten Schulz germany sun com

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