Re: [dev] GNOME Office and OpenOffice

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Hi,
> If some parts of the new Sun team and the older GNOME contributors
> have already been discussing this stuff, all the better.

I'm not one of those Hackers from Sun oder the GNOME Team, but the
Article posted in dev openoffice org concerning a merge between the
2 officeSuites was really interesting. In fact I would aggree
with nearly all the terms of the article. But one is still to mension
 One Person, one Way and its destinations are sometimes xTimes faster
 to reach than a crowd of people discussing the best way. So what about
 a mergeTeam? That fucusses direct on that, what You've discribed.
  Draw a plot, take a bit from here take a bit from there et voila!

 BUT: This possible shortTimeResult becomes a bigCodeBuster as well
      and managing this possibly results in chaos because You will
      have to be updated with both GNOME and OOo. 
       On the other hand simply shutting down one of these Projects
      could result in loosing a part of USERs/ Programmers that could
      not purely identify with the new Monolith.

Regards The D.h7

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