Re: What is GNOME office?

kažkada, berods Pr, 2000-11-20 15:33-0600, Sam TH rašė:
> Now, lots of other platforms could have neat features like this.  I'm
> sure Windows has something.  But they aren't free software, and they
> aren't as easily available.  However, if someone were to do a KDE port,
> then AbiWord could take advantage of all these features in KDE. 
> The problem isn't with Abi's design, the "problem" is that GNOME has
> produced so much cool free stuff.  

Yeah, if someone just ported Abi to KDE2 it would be a very strong argument
why not use GNOME for all *N*X platforms. Not all people distinct GTk+ and
GNOME versions of Abiword. If there was KDE2 or, say, Lesstif port, of
course it would be more clear why it is not good to throw away any XP code
and stick with GNOME-only calls (what no Abiword developer will ever allow

Or, someone write a script that extracts all gnome-specific and xp code,
then parses it, optimizes and creates a pure-gnome source. Some changes in
/cvs/abi -- run the script again :)

Gediminas Paulauskas

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