Re: What is GNOME office?

"Ray Strode" <halfline hawaii rr com> writes:

> As long as ABI is soley cross-platform, it will never
> be able to integrate with GNOME as much as would be required to
> be considered part of GNOME office. Cross platform development
> is a great, but it is not inline with what GNOME is, right now.  And
> so, any part that is a core GNOME part, cannot be cross platform.
> (Ofcourse, by cross platform, i mean to Windows, because GNOME
> runs on many unixen).
> If ABI does split there code or abandon cross platform development
> all together, then they can be considered.  Whoever gets chosen, is 
> really rather irrelevent.  Neither product was started with GNOME in
> mind and both products have a lot of cross platform baggage. 
> Basically, all xp code is going to have to be ripped out or rewritten to
> use GNOME native calls.  

That seems insane to me. Programs that target more than Unix platforms
definitely _should_ be considered GNOME programs, if they integrate
with GNOME well.

We will never endorse a checklist of features programs must _not_ have
to count as GNOME programs.

In the case of AbiWord in particular, the code is partitioned so that
the front ends are written using entirely native calls and native
widgets. Only the common back end core is written as cross-platform

 - Maciej

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