Re: What is GNOME office?

* Joe Shaw (joe helixcode com) wrote at 15:41 on 17/11/00:
> > As a gnucash hacker and Gnumatic employee, I've been wondering where
> > the Gnome Office folks see gnucash fitting in to this picture.  Is
> > there a desire for a finance-type program in the office suite?  Is
> > gnucash the only candidate?
> I personally would love to see gnucash in the office release, especially
> if it is bonoboized; I can see a lot of interoperability between gnucash
> and gnumeric. I used gnucash a while back (I haven't checked up on it
> recently) and it's a really slick piece of software.

GnuCash is an excellent piece of software and should deffinately be in the
GNOME Office release.

I used to use it a while back too and found it very nice.


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