Re: What is GNOME office?

"Dom Lachowicz" <cinamod hotmail com> writes:

> Miguel wrote:
> >One thing needs to be said about Abi: Abi is as GNOME compliant as
> >StarWord can be in the short term: they do not use GNOME libraries
> >internally, they do not depend on it.
> >
> >Abi is a cross platform project that has little to do with GNOME,
> >except that they do have a "port" to GNOME.
> Grrr... Ok, let's go over this once and for all. I am *really* tired of this 
> mentality. Please take notes.
> As far as gnome-libraries useage:
> Abi uses: gtk, glib, gdk, libxml2, gnome-libs, libole2, gal, gnome-print
> Gnumeric uses: gtk, glib, libxml, gnome-libs, libole2, gal, gnome-print, 
> gnome-config, (not used by default and support is a little sketchy: bonobo, 
> gb)

I agree with you that AbiWord is a GNOME app and should be considered
as such. I expect it will be in the GNOME 1.4 extra apps release
(although the final say is up to Ian and Jamin), along with gnumeric
and dia.

Corporate affiliation is not the determinant of what is and is not a
GNOME app, and neither is it necessary to use every possible GNOME

> To conclude, I'm tired of this "Abi isn't a gnome app" mentality. We've 
> really put a lot of effort into Abi. I hate to get slighted like this.

You are right that the slight is unfair. Miguel was stating his
personal opinion, not any kind of official GNOME position.

 - Maciej

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