Re: What is GNOME office?

Hi Daniel,

Our Docbook importer/exporter is a new feature in the upcoming 0.7.12 release (due any day now). They were written by Sam TH and myself. The importer subclasses our XML import engine, so we use the XML Docbook DTD on import and export. We handle a subset of the Docbook tags, though probably not those that you're most interested in. It might be easiest to use ABI->DBK for most of your document and then add the additional markup tags that you need. But I have no experience writing documentation or novels using DocBook, so I don't know exactly what features you would need from Abi.

IIRC, we handle the following tags because they are WP related and were a good starting point:

We're looking to add support for more tags in the future. Changing AbiWord to be a DocBook editor would probably not be easy, but who knows? This is just the beginning, not the end. Feel free to check out our current CVS sources and play with the DBK feature. Send me any comments or questions you may have with it and ways that we might be able to improve our DBK feature set.

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