Re: What is GNOME office?

Daniel Veillard wrote:
I would be really interested on feedback on this especially the generic
package proposal.
Also did you tried to compare your XML format and OpenOffice one, are the
structure fundamentally different or do using XSLT to transform from one
format to the other seems doable ?

I was planning on looking at the OpenOffice DTDs/Specs/etc over the weekend. There are like 20 DTDs though and amount to about 300 pages of information (as opposed to ~120 for RTF). Granted, they do cover every detail under the sun for WPs, SpreadSheets, etc... so the wordiness is warranted. Hopefully there are some sample refrence documents and maybe a screenshot or two of the intended output. Perhaps I'll need to install OpenOffice to test thoroughly.

I wasn't planning on using XSLT to convert between formats. This may or may not be doable with XSLT in its current state, but I'll know that for sure after this weekend (i.e. the doc may need some complex transformations to get from OO->ABW that XSLT can't yet handle). For now, I was planning on just subclassing our generic XML importer class to handle as many OO tags/features as possible like our existing 5 or so XML importers currently do. It shouldn't involve too much code that way and doesn't involve an intermediate conversion step (we treat our ABW importer/exporter as just another importer/exporter that "happens" to have a very clean mapping to our internal structure). Then comes the OO exporter, which should be done at about the same time.

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