Re: Unsubscribing

> The list seems to contain nothing but talk of how evil is non-pure-GPL
> licenced code. As it seems to not contain any content beyond
> religious/political discussions, I'm unsubscribing.
> Truly pointless list.
yes, I agree in part. I sent a message a couple of days ago about starting
to talk (all interested parties) about a common code base for all Office
components and there was only one reply.

But about what is/what is not GO (which, as Havoc points out, it's too early
to decide) there have been tenths of (pointless?) messages.

So, again, shall we start talking about common stuff so that we all go in the
same direction? For example:
* common UI look&feel: a good place for placing widgets and other UI related
  stuff could be libgal, if not a new libgnomeoffice
* CORBA: we should also start to talk about common higher-level office
  components, to be implemented by all the different GO components.
* common file formats: filters for file formats should be also implemented
  in a common place, so that all GO components can make use of them, to
  allow REAL compatibility between them.

But anyway, as Mathieu says, I also think that any part of GO should be pure


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