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Hi everyone,

d) I would not call the number of responses on gnome-office-list a
number but rather a couple.
Couldn't agree more. The responses were more of a beginning of a dialog that we'd like to enter with Sun/OpenOffice/all office products out there. Some people might've gotten a little upset or impatient from seeing any response from members of Sun/Openoffice for the past week or so, considering those 'couple' of Abi hackers that did reply to Havoc's initial message are in fact it's lead developers and maintainers. On that note, I'm very happy to hear from you, Sander.

Correct me somebody if I am wrong, but the AbiWord messages left at least
to me teh distinct impression that the AbiWord project is firstly
interested in AbiWord the small-footprint feature-rich all-platform word
processor (which is only natural, why shouldn't they), which also works
with gnome and as such they wouldn't mind it being the offical gnome
Well, yes and no. Personally I love the fact that I can sit down in my school's PC lab and use Abi on the NT boxes there, and then go home and use the latest Gnome cut. This might sound entirely obvious and stupid, but being cross platform is about one thing: platforms. Abi would cease to be a word processor and become a sophisticated handler of text if it didn't have platforms to run on. It's not that I "wouldn't mind" if we were in Gnome Office. It has entirely the wrong connotation. My feelings are more like "I'd be pretty upset if we weren't in Gnome Office or weren't given a fair chance to be :-)" Otherwise I've been wasting my time this past year or so, and I don't like that thought very much. I couldn't honestly tell you that I wouldn't be elated if we took the place of MSWord, even though we just also "happen" to run on Win32 too.

On a related note, I don't think that any of Abi's developers are ambivalent towards any of its supported platforms, as you may or may not be suggesting. For the record, it's probably one of our biggest rallying points.

Take care and I look forward to your responses,
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