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On Wed, 1 Nov 2000, Klas Lindberg wrote:


> > So, I hope to see posts from hackers at Sun, AbiWord, and any other
> > interested groups in the near future, outlining their design goals for
> > an office project and how they'd move toward them; maybe distinguish
> > your "must have" goals from your "could compromise on this" goals.
> My two cents on Abi vs OpenOffice:
>  I may be very wrong about this, but as I've come to understand is, Abi is
> working specificly with providing the GNOME Office with a portable word
> processor component. OpenOffice (or rather Sun, maybe?) is more concerned

Correct me somebody if I am wrong, but the AbiWord messages left at least
to me teh distinct impression that the AbiWord project is firstly
interested in AbiWord the small-footprint feature-rich all-platform word
processor (which is only natural, why shouldn't they), which also works
with gnome and as such they wouldn't mind it being the offical gnome

> with the creation of a full office suite that is much less tied to a
> specific platform -- one that could happily replace installed Star Offices
> in a few years.
>  Thus, it may not be a good idea for the OpenOffice team to scrap their
> parts in favour of another team's, since OpenOffice must be able to
> present a full product in a non-GNOME environment.
>  What OpenOffice could do is (1) to provide well separated components
> which could easily (?) be brought into the GNOME Office later. (2) To

I think this is definately a goal. A slong as that GNOME in there doesn't
mean it has to work with gnome and gnome only.

> build a first class virtual components environment. I.e. to provide a
> build environment where components could be built for Bonobo, KDE-parts,
> MS COM or whatever.

Yes. With somebody doing the work - in the sense that I won't have the
time to do it. 

>  That would let us make components that could made GNOME Office native
> and *still* be able to place a selfsufficient OpenOffice on the desktop in
> a few years.

Can you clarify what you mean by 'self-sufficent' here?

> In my view an office suite should be much like any distribution. Debian
> has its distribution of selected Linux stuff, Helix has its distribution
> of selected GNOME stuff, and GNOME Office should have its distribution of
> selected office components.

I really can't see anything being done in the OO project that would
conflict with this.

> harebra / klasa


OpenOffice Release Engineering / Dublin

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