Re: GNOME Office list, and Sun/AbiWord

On 31 Aug 2000, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Joaquín Cuenca Abela <> writes: 
> > If we use a gtk+ version with a good windows/MacOS/BeOS/QNX wrapper, and
> > a set of themes with the look of the windows/BeOS/QNX/MacOS toolkit, our
> > problems would be nearly over.
> >
> Exactly, if people sat down and worked on it GTK 2.0 could be made to
> look as native as Qt does on Windows, with the default theme.
> > P.S.: Anybody knows if there is a plan to port gnome (specially bonobo)
> > to others platforms?  Miguel thinks that it's a "two hours work", but I
> > would sleep better if somebody boots in a windows machine, sit down and
> > port gnome to windows.
> No one is working on it, but it could likely be done as part of the
> GNOME 2.0 effort. 

I'm not so sure although I not been in the loop. It seems to me that a
port of GTK+ to BeOS was started months ago but the second hand info I
have is that its still not done.

Also I'm not in the loop so I'm sure but other high profile
projects want to move to GUI independence (GIMP,Lyx, gphoto) with front
ends seperately implemented ala Abiword. It seems that it would be much
easier for them to work on a qt/Windows/BeOS theme engine than the total
re-write necessary for them to get to where Abiword is now. Before we
abandon our framework which we know works, we should ask why other gtk
based projects (well lyx is not gtk I know) would rather move to where we
currently stand.



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