Re: [gnome-network]Desktop/file sharing and a case for SLP

Rodrigo Moya wrote:
On Sun, 2004-01-25 at 14:48 +0100, "Miguel A. Arévalo" wrote:

Rodrigo Moya wrote:

On Sat, 2004-01-24 at 19:05 +0100, "Miguel A. Arévalo" wrote:

I'm not saying the contrary. I am saying that a specific solution, even
if it uses those protocolos, but in different ports than the standard
ones, will just work with GNOME. We don't want that, so thus the need to
integrate in the existing networks, if any.

This is only a problem with samba, but not with WebDAV as http://pepespc:6060/ is a correct URI.

well, I don't agree with that. How can a simple user share a directory
via NFS, or SMB?

I havn't said anything about NFS (I don't like NFS except on server-to-server mounts) but any user can run a smbd daemon with his own configuration and port (changing the port is of course not compatible with any microsoft product, but they can still access it through a WebFolder with no problem). I still think that a smb://pepespc:7070/SHARE is not a bad idea for inter-gnome operation.

OTOH using a systemwide apache/nfsd server for personal filesharing is a quite new/harmfull idea as the user has really no idea on how his system has this services configured. It seems to me a quick and dirty hack waiting for a permanent solution.

we are not using an apache server, we are using what is setup in the
system. So if you've got apache running, it will allow you to share
files via apache, if NFS, SMB or NCP are setup, it will allow you to
share via those. If none is available, then we can probably fall back to
using a personal web server.

What I say is that relaying on a systemwide dependent filesharing would not be my choice for security on a network deployment.

Develop a neutral api for accesing Service Discovery information with differents plugins (a la NSS) for diferent SD/SL services, on the resolver side we can have this modules for searching information:

- mDNS SD -> For Zeroconf (Apple and SOHO enviroments).
-  DNS SD -> For Windows 2000 (and some services like Jabber and SMTP)
-  SLP    -> For big networks (UserLinux) and Novell environments
-  NetBIOS-> For Windows NT and samba2 networks

And on the other side some API for User-level services (like desktop and personal file sharing, but also iChat, iTunes-like services) to register on either mDNS and/or SLP.

What do you think about it?

sounds great! SLP is definitely something we have been wanting to have,
only lack of time hasn't allowed us to have it, so any work towards that
is great.

There is, i case you don't know, openslp, which is a GPL implementation
of SLP. It is GPL, thus incompatible with libgnetwork, which is LGPL.

Well, neither SLP nor libslp are GPL but a MIT/X/BSD style license:

And yes it's from Caldera/SCO :-S

I will take a look on it this week and try to come back with some proposal.


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