[GNOME-my]My comment for Chip Chat (2 march 2004)

Dear All

I would like to comment Chip Chat article on 2nd March.

Before i give my comment, I would like to introduce myself as GNOME Desktop translator. I also did Malay translation of Mozilla several year ago.

As a person who are 100% using Malay GNOME Desktop, I also found terms in Malay winxp is not usable.

Some of tthe term is funny, but it's correct. I've no offense
with the term like "Komputer saya", "Panel Kawalan" & "Tong Kitar Semula".

It's happened on my GNOME Desktop too. Some people might
think that "Permainan" (Games) and "Pejabat" (Office) is
funny, but later on, when people start using it, and get
familiar with it, it's become non issue.

"Pergi Belakang" for used in WinXp is not suitable, in GNOME and KDE
we use "Undur & Maju" for "Back & Forward"
err i think Undur is better than "gostan"

See the screenshot of latest GNOME

For Cookies, I've invented a special term for it.
It called "cecikut", it look like biskut
& started with C like cookies

so, i would like to suggest "Padam Cecikut" for  "Delete Cookies"

Program and "Atur cara" is actually the same thing as
Programming is pengaturcaraan. but for the sake of usability,
i still use program for program.
"Atur Cara" is the official term from DBP, but in real
life "Aturcara" is more popular. I dont like the idea of spliting aturcara into 2 word to reflect 1 meaning in english.

"Lebih Maju"
For me translating Advance into lebih maju is WRONG.
UI is not a country where there ada "Lebih Maju" or not
I've use "Lanjutan" for "Advanced" esp in Advance Pereference.


Look at "Lanjutan" in Keutamaan Desktop, imagine what happened if it become "Lebih Maju".

I know Gelintar is actually "Search", but we still use Cari as usual usability reason.

"Set Capaian Atur Cara dan lalai"
for this words, I use completely different term.
for "Set Program Access and Default" , I would like to
translate it as
   "Tetapkan akses program dan default"

default in this case is noun, there is no way Lalai become noun unless is become "kelalaian".if it become kelalaian still not refering the actual default.
there are 1 argument in this URL for not using "Lalai" for "default"

The reason for me not to use capaian as access is capai might conflict with indonesian's capai. Capaian in indonesian is Weekness.
Capai for access is about 70% correct.

Somehow i've to use capai as access when try to translate accessibility into kebolehcapaian.

I think that's all, anyway here is the latest screenshot of Malay GNOME

1. http://gabai.sourceforge.net/pix/2.6/2.6-prefs.jpg
   Malay GNOME Desktop with many prefs open.

2. http://gabai.sourceforge.net/pix/2.6/epiphany-cecikut.jpg
   Showing epiphany & cookies prefs.
   It's actually taken to show some Malay term used in
   GNOME Desktop as my respond to bad comment about
   Malay winXP in local news paper.

3. http://gabai.sourceforge.net/pix/2.6/2.6-jamal-wawa.jpg
   Totem with local artist & Gthumb with manipulated pix.

4. http://gabai.sourceforge.net/pix/2.6/gnome-2.6-ms-untukmu.jpg
   Ralf Schumacher testing FW26 as Desktop (Malaysian GP is near)
  & eog showing some wording

you can browse here to get more "cekupanskrin"

p/s some of it is in Tamil:-

Hasbullah Bin Pit (sebol)

"Fiber optic tu kecik, kalau kita letak high speed internet 312 Kbps tu,
 nanti fiber tu pecah." -  1-300-88-9515

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