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--- Colin Charles <linux bytebot net> wrote:
> Hi there,
> Just wanted to say Hi, and state my hello's! Not
> many people on the list
> currently I take it? Hasbullah, Hoh and me I guess?

we have 6 members for the list so far, i really hope
we can more people joining it.

> So, what exactly do we do? Market GNOME? I like the
> idea plenty.

Yup, Market GNOME... that is the intent of starting
the list and GNOME marketing team. Market GNOME,
having demo and booth in showcase (free software, of
course), teaching GNOME (if i got time to compile the
set of tutorials) and other is what we can do, any
more idea, ;)?

For those who interest in technical stuffs, maybe, can
consider joining Hasbullah (sebol) for his
localization efforts... 

> Anyone of you going to 2004 next year?

I was once planning  to go there, but I also like to
be in GUADEC conference in Norway (2004), so burget
problem, i drop the 2004.

> I'll be there, and
> report about GNOME happenings to the list asap!

Hey, that is cool, maybe u can drop us some
interesting news, and photo u took there... ;) 

I am planning to come up a site which will hold up
everything about GNOME malaysia, it takes some times
(quite busy for my work),... also i am not a good web
designer, someone might want to help and do better
than me?

> regards
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