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On Fri, 2003-11-28 at 00:38, Sri Ramkrishna wrote:
> > BTW, How should we start? Can we have a regional list for malaysia ? ;)
> BTW do you guys have some idea how you plan on getting the word out?  
> Sharing what works and what doesn't among the list members would be good.
Really, I don't have a list of tasks or goals on my hand that I or
others should do (at least not now).

Having demo on any free or open source conference is a good place to
bring GNOME awareness to public (sebol has done b4), but we don't have a
lot of such chances in Malaysia.

> Marketing stuff is going to be needed by the various teams (with 
> translations) it looks like.  But what marketing materials?

But Having a set of simple tutorial that can be used to teach new comer
about GNOME desktop is what I really like to have. we already have
complete documentation for GNOME desktop, but what appears in is too much for a new comer, a simple and
concise tutorial (extracted from GNOME user-guide) will be good for new
comer instead of complete and detailed documentation.

> sri

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