Re: Needed information about GNOME Videos

On Sat, 2016-02-20 at 00:20 -0200, Diogo Campos wrote:

I'm building a Free Software crowdfunding campaign, and GNOME Videos
is one of the candidates to be benefited.

This would mean for GNOME Videos to have 1 additional person working
on it, and full-time.

So, I would like to know from maintainers, contributors and
interested individuals some information about GNOME Videos.

- There is interest in this additional person?

There would be if mentoring is not required (otherwise, Google's Summer
of Code and Outreachy are already available to us).

- What are the functions needed today? Development? UI Design? Bug
triage? Documentation? Translation? Anything else?

Development on the metadata page support, as seen in:

(see the "Series grouping wireframes" section)

Work on would also be helpful.
This is a full list of issues for Totem to switch to using OpenGL
directly for the playback:

- What tasks such contributors can do? And what is the skill level
required to perform each of these tasks? Student? Amateur?
Intermediate? Advanced? Expert?


- What are the programming languages used?

C, and Lua mostly.

- There is a Roadmap and/or TODO list? If yes, what they define?

See design page.

- What is the current health of the project? How many people work on
it regularly? How many of these are paid to do it?

2/3 people work on Totem and grilo. Nobody is getting paid to work on
it full-time.

These information will be very helpful and appreciated. Thank you :)


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