transmageddon losing a lot of bitrate converting .mov to .mp4

I've got to convert a video and post it to vimeo. The original is
a .mov which I've converted to .mp4 using transmageddon 1.5 as packaged
for Mint 18. I didn't use the presets to specify the properties of the
output file, not knowing what to use. 

I used totem to see the properties of the source file and it's showing
1920x1080, H.264, 24 fps and video framerate 24023 kbps, all very nice.
The output file, viewed the same way shows 1789 kbps, and vimeo is
saying it needs to be better, at least 10K.

When I look at the presets in /usr/share/transmageddon/presets I am
not sure which is being used - I have not specified any so it's using
whatever the default is. It is straightforward for me to re-encode the
video but I don't see how to specify a better bitrate. Suggestions?


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