RELEASE: GStreamer Core and Plugins 1.0.6

The GStreamer project announces another bug-fix release for the new
API and ABI-stable 1.x series of the GStreamer multimedia framework.

The 1.x series is a stable series targeted at end users. It is not API
or ABI compatible with the 0.10.x series. It can, however, be installed
in parallel with the 0.10.x series and will not affect an existing
0.10.x installation.

It's been a while since 1.0.5, so there are quite a few fixes that have accumulated:

GStreamer core changes since 1.0.5:

  * bin: reset GValue from iterator after usage, fixing leak
  * pipeline: fix seeking on pipeline with NULL clock
  * message: accept NULL error argument in gst_message_parse_{error,warning,info}
  * basesrc: handle renegotiation correctly
  * basesink: handle sync of EOS after item without duration
  * basetransform: avoid warnings from NULL outcaps passed to transform_size in shutdown race
  * adapter, basesrc, typefind: handle gst_buffer_map failure
  * queuearray: fix gst_queue_array_drop_element()
  * queuearray: fix gst_queue_array_find()
  * queue: remove query from queue if queue is flushing
  * g-i: make sure enumeration types and flags are introspected and available to bindings
  * g-i: add allow-none annotation for gst_pipeline_new()'s name property

GStreamer core bugs fixed since 1.0.5:

  * 684804 : basesink: fails to post EOS message with RTSP stream
  * 691185 : g-i: GStreamer enums and flags not usable - " expected enumeration type GstFormat, but got 
Format instead " warning when setting GstFormat property on GStreamer appsrc element
  * 691985 : gst_pad_check_reconfigure: only remove flag if set.
  * 691986 : basesrc: set NEED_RECONFIGURE flag if negotiate fails
  * 692691 : queue: dangling pointer when doing allocation query on a flushing queue
  * 692868 : basesink: expands GAP event without duration to last to segment end
  * 693065 : pipeline: criticals when seeking on pipeline with NULL clock
  * 693587 : Adding offset to GstSegment deserialize/serialize to fix jump on uninitialized value
  * 693704 : gst_message_parse_{warning,error} annotations wrongly claim allow-none for GError parameter
  * 693996 : basetransform: audioresample shutdown unit test fails with 'gst_audio_info_from_caps: caps != 
NULL'  in transform_size

GStreamer Plugins Base changes since 1.0.5:

  * adder: fix setting caps via the "caps" property
  * alsasink: don't use 100% CPU
  * appsrc: fix locking order
  * encodebin: sync muxer state with parent bin so encodebin can be added dynamically to pipeline
  * libvisual: fix improper video frame clear operation
  * pango: fix attribute list handling
  * playbin: fix playsink caps handling so that converters get plugged when needed
  * playbin: fix subtitleoverlay caps handling to avoid not-negotiated errors when plugins are missing
  * videoscale: Correct DAR and border calculations
  * ximagesink: fon't access structures of EMPTY caps
  * typefinding: fix y4m caps
  * build: fix build with automake 1.13

GStreamer Plugins Base bugs fixed since 1.0.5:

  * 688476 : Seek in matroska file fails with not-negotiated error when using playsink
  * 688803 : playbin: converters don't work? not-negotiated error with non-1/1 PAR and ximagesink
  * 690937 : alsasink: playing video files with gst-launch causes CPU 100%
  * 691687 : GstImageType documentation is misleading
  * 693224 : appsrc deadlocks when setting pad caps before pushing buffer
  * 693372 : 1.0 branch is still using AM_CONFIG_HEADER
  * 693981 : subparse: fix bogus discontinuity detection if offset not set on buffers
  * 696019 : videoscale does not preserve DAR with add-borders=TRUE

GStreamer Plugins Good changes since 1.0.5:

  * auparse: fix caps leak
  * avidemux: push mode: handle some more 0-size buffer cases
  * deinterlace: fix infinite loop on EOS with non-default methods or fields
  * dvdemux: don't return FALSE when dropping sink events, fixes flow errors
  * level: send a last message on EOS
  * mp4mux: in faststart mode, don't output up to 4 kB of garbage at the end
  * osxvideosink: Fix crash in osxvideosink with external window output
  * osxvideosink: Make GstGLView propagate input events to its parent view
  * osxvideosink: Make GstNavigation key input events in osxvideosink compatible with x(v)imagesink ones
  * pulsesink: don't error out if pa_stream_proplist_update() with new tags fails
  * qtdemux: fix potential crash on short MOOV atom
  * qtdemux: fix sample leak when processing private qt tags
  * qtdemux: push mode: only parse moov 1 once
  * qtdemux: skip disabled tracks
  * qtmux: set stream language code from tag
  * rtph264pay: Don't use upstream caps with peer_query_caps()
  * rtpmp4gdepay: streamtype is not put by all RTSP server, not make it optional
  * rtpptdemux: forward sticky events and then set caps
  * rtpsession: Fix wrong code organisation in case of collision
  * rtspsrc: flush connection when stopping
  * rtspsrc: only EOS when our source sends BYE
  * rtspsrc: save the stream SSRC
  * v4l2: don't check stride for encoded formats
  * v4l2: fix compilation against newer kernel headers as on FC19
  * videomixer2: avoid caps leak
  * videomixer: fix eos timestamp check
  * ximagesrc: Set the pixel aspect ratio correctly in the caps
  * build: allow calling from out-of-tree
  * build: fix build with automake 1.13

GStreamer Plugins bug fixes since 1.0.5:

  * 628790 : qtdemux: OSD displays persistent chapters subtitles
  * 656068 : pulsesink: errors out if pa_stream_proplist_update() fails with old pulseaudio versions
  * 675453 : rtspsrc: only EOS if BYE came from SSRC of the stream
  * 678429 : souphttpsrc: should return GST_FLOW_ERROR from create function in case of HTTP error 404 not 
  * 684924 : rtspsrc: flush connection when going to null state
  * 684944 : avidemux: " unhandled buffer size " error for cyuv.avi in push mode
  * 688935 : rtpjitterbuffer not always correctly warns about resetting skew
  * 689809 : osxvideosink: inconsistent keyboard navigation events
  * 691484 : osxvideosink: crash when displaying on Qt widget
  * 691570 : [isomp4/qtdemux] lots of critical warnings on this sample file
  * 691580 : ximagesrc sets bad pixel-aspect-ratio caps
  * 691832 : osxvideosink doesn't propagate input events to output window
  * 692309 : allow to be call out-of-tree
  * 692786 : CAPS event is forwarded before STREAM_START in rtpptdemux element
  * 692935 : videomixer: hangs on eos
  * 692950 :  rtpjitterbuffer properties can't be changed after pipeline is started
  * 693055 : level: 32-bit formats don't work because of typo in format list: S32LEF32LE
  * 693173 : deinterlace method=greedyl fields=top does not complete
  * 693307 : videomixer2 leaks caps reference
  * 693373 : 1.0 branch is still using AM_CONFIG_HEADER
  * 694010 : qtdemux: crash with partial mp4 / moov atom
  * 694184 : Wrong code organisation in case of collision in rtpsession
  * 694275 : auparse: src_caps are leaked
  * 695629 : rtph264pay: caps negotiation fails if upstream caps is not NULL
  * 695643 : dvdemux: returns wrong value when it is not processing the sink events
  * 695644 : deinterlace: going to infinite loop on EOS with method=scalerbob fields=bff
  * 696355 : qtdemux: sample leak in tag handling
  * 696358 : qtmux: set language code on streams

GStreamer Plugins Ugly changes since 1.0.5:

  * build: allow calling from out-of-tree

GStreamer Plugins Bad changes since 1.0.5:

  * audiovisualizer: fix improper video frame clear operation
  * codecparsers: h264: add inferred value for slice_beta_offset_div2
  * codecparsers: h264: zero-initialize SPS VUI parameters
  * codecparsers: mpeg2: add helpers to convert quantization matrices
  * codecparsers: mpeg2: store quantization matrices in zigzag scan order
  * codecparsers: vc1: fix bitplanes decoding
  * codecparsers: vc1: fix calculation of ALTPQUANT
  * codecparsers: vc1: fix parser for DQPROFILE in VOPDQUANT
  * codecparsers: vc1: fix VOPDQUANT parser for DQUANT == 2
  * curltlssink: set correct level of SSL for the transfer
  * decklink: port to 1.0
  * dvbsrc: handle EINTR from poll
  * dvdspu: fix rendering of PGS windows with left != 0
  * eglglessink: port to 1.0
  * element-maker: update for 1.0
  * gdppay: fix buffer leak when new caps are same as old caps
  * interlace: fix negotiation for true interlaced modes
  * opensles: Port to 1.0
  * opusdec: clear the state of the decoder
  * opusenc: fix crash when setting "cbr" property when encoder is not running yet
  * opuspay: fix timestamps
  * tsdemux: expose VC1 streams with missing descriptor

GStreamer Plugins Bad bugs fixed since 1.0.5:

  * 681818 : h264parse: evaluate vui parameters only when they where parsed and set
  * 690738 : gst-element-maker Generates Incorrect Code
  * 692010 : curltlssink: incorrect ssl level
  * 692265 : codecparsers: h264: add inferred value for  slice_beta_offset_div2
  * 692267 : codecparsers: vc1: fix parser for DQPROFILE in  VOPDQUANT
  * 692270 : codecparsers: vc1: fix calculation of ALTPQUANT
  * 692271 : codecparsers: vc1: fix VOPDQUANT parser for DQUANT == 2
  * 692273 : codecparsers: vc1: fix VOPDQUANT parser
  * 692312 : codecparsers: vc1: fix bitplanes decoding
  * 692698 : opusenc: crash when setting " cbr " property
  * 692859 : make -bad be able to be called " out-of-tree " 
  * 692929 : [rtpopuspay] - No rtp timestamp
  * 693000 : codecparsers: mpeg2: fix scan order for in-stream quantization matrices
  * 693146 : tsdemux: doesn't expose VC1 pad when descriptor is missing
  * 693212 : dvbsrc: needs to handle EINTR instead of erroring out
  * 693300 : inter: gstintertest has a number of memory leaks
  * 693324 : gdppay: leak  when getting caps identical to your current ones
  * 695655 : audiovisualizer: crash while clearing video frame

GStreamer Libav Plugins changes since 1.0.5:

  * avviddec: fix H.264 decoding errors in some files by disabling multi-threaded decoding
  * libav: fix checks for internal libav configure options
  * libav: Update to 0.8.5 release

GStreamer Libav Plugins bugs fixed since 1.0.5:

  * 691723 : libav: fix checks for internal libav configure options
  * 694230 : quicktime videos have decoding issues in gst-1.x
Release tarballs can be downloaded directly from:
50d4050cd6a23684b6bbf40a9b7c132edfb39fe9db2d81980adaa6e72f4d5826  gstreamer-1.0.6.tar.xz
85e5f99af690f720ccde5ea7e793269d35883a3ead80ca9985fa44e18bb1a4a5  gst-plugins-base-1.0.6.tar.xz
67f7690a9826d9a6ab28b9af2536a6f3e833ee412bd59dd603c48fb3c6823e0d  gst-plugins-good-1.0.6.tar.xz
8655ceec7533b5d30080a5051025e26ff8d06bea8d03a6b2af56c2f839d60586  gst-plugins-ugly-1.0.6.tar.xz
92130899d0b78b71f1551cada9b10b550e91506c2d7b8b748e5cc18a620d302d  gst-plugins-bad-1.0.6.tar.xz
8ab222a52bf7482e913f2c9a4f490cda8f8ed1acfbc429f27451b0558b08044d  gst-libav-1.0.6.tar.xz

Updated packages should be available shortly in debian sid, Fedora 18/19, Ubuntu, and other distros.

As always, please let us know of any issues you run into by filing a bug
in bugzilla:

Happy hacking!

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