RELEASE: gstreamer core & plugins -base/-good/-bad/-ugly/-libav 0.11.99


This mail announces the release of gstreamer core and gst-plugins-base 
0.11.99 and gst-plugins-good/bad/ugly and gst-libav 0.11.99 modules of
our API unstable 0.11.x development series leading to GStreamer 1.0.

We expect this to be the last pre-release before 1.0.0 (due next weekend).

The "unstable API" guards have been removed. There are still bugs of
course, and we'll continue to add obvious bug-fixes before the final 1.0.

These releases are intended for developers wanting to port their
plugins and applications to the new series, and users who want to help
test the bleeding edge of GStreamer development and ported

This release is not API or ABI compatible with previous 0.11.x releases
or with the 0.10.x series.

It can be installed in parallel with the 0.10.x series and will not
affect an existing 0.10.x installation.

There have been a number of smaller API changes since the last release,
mostly in low-level API and plugin API, but there are also some changes
that may affect applications. These should be fairly minor though. See
below for the most noteworthy changes.

Release tarballs can be downloaded directly from:

5388d6ff684c314bdfcfe25e550812e4  gstreamer-0.11.99.tar.xz
0419f3e3ccdc33e2cbebb26255ead2cf  gst-plugins-base-0.11.99.tar.xz
762bd204e361a70aa3f262ee8e457519  gst-plugins-good-0.11.99.tar.xz
fc20da880285a9a746736028393daaed  gst-plugins-ugly-0.11.99.tar.xz
f5a3e3f579e161e70c6207354a728a49  gst-plugins-bad-0.11.99.tar.xz
8e6eef583ca22c2e1021a76c80ea3fb7  gst-libav-0.11.99.tar.xz

Small selection of possibly noteworthy changes:
  - pad link/unlink function API change
    (we pass the parent object as additional
    argument now like we do for all other pad
  - appsink: propagate flow returns
  - vp8enc, vp8dec: move from -good (with
    changed encoder properties/API!!!)
  - dvd fixes
  - h264 parser fixes
  - mpeg4 video parser fixes

Let us know of any issues you run into by filing a bug in bugzilla

Happy testing! 


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