RELEASE: gstreamer core & plugins -base/-good/-bad/-ugly/-libav 0.11.94

This mail announces the release of gstreamer core and gst-plugins-base 
0.11.94 and gst-plugins-good/bad/ugly and gst-libav 0.11.94 modules of
our API unstable 0.11.x development series leading to GStreamer 1.0.

These releases are intended for developers wanting to port their plugins
and applications to the new series, and users who want to help test the
bleeding edge of GStreamer development and ported applications.

This release is not API or ABI compatible with previous 0.11.x releases
or with the 0.10.x series.

It can be installed in parallel with the 0.10.x series and will not
affect an existing 0.10.x installation.

There have been a number of smaller API changes since the last release,
mostly in low-level API and plugin API, but there are also some changes
that may affect applications. These should be fairly minor though. See
below for the most noteworthy changes.

We will continue to fine-tune the API as required before the 1.0
release, but expect only minor changes until then.

Release tarballs can be downloaded directly from:

96617b96995874e8539703802aa0dd03  gstreamer-0.11.94.tar.xz
8e0347b627a608fde7bf0ee5f7c9d6d8  gst-plugins-base-0.11.94.tar.xz
41a7992b84b14f12338bb2fb48fb6723  gst-plugins-good-0.11.94.tar.xz
336b223805651be212469baebb90b30c  gst-plugins-ugly-0.11.94.tar.xz
865a94bacffe39a3d62ab13f2024453b  gst-plugins-bad-0.11.94.tar.xz
c07a07f500b23a67f24c3e175c869ae5  gst-libav-0.11.94.tar.xz

Small selection of possibly noteworthy changes:
   gst_message_new_duration() -> gst_message_new_duration_changed()
   gst_message_parse_duration() removed (re-query duration instead)
   (there are compat macros for these for now)
 - added gst_pad_needs_reconfigure() to check
   reconfigure status of a pad without clearing
   the reconfigure flag
 - baseparse: handle both dts and pts; new API
   gst_base_parse_set_pts_interpolation() to
   disable pts interpolation for formats that
   do frame reordering.
 - implement and use GAP event in many places
 - make GstBaseSink preroll on GAP event
   (::wait_eos vfunc renamed to ::wait_event)
 - _get_pool() and _get_allocator() accessors
   for GstBaseSrc and GstBaseTransform,
   GstAudioDecoder, GstVideoDecoder, etc.
 - add negotiate funcs for Gst{Audio,Video}{Encoder,Decoder}
 - gst_collect_pads_add_pad_full() renamed to
 - add/cleanup structure padding in header files
 - GstAudioSource: support timestamp passing with read
 - videoconvert: support for 10-bit planar 4:2:2 YUV (for prores)
 - GstVideoOverlayComposition: allow overlay data
   to be in AYUV format, _get_{argb,ayuv}() helpers
   will convert automatically as needed, _get_raw()
   allows direct access.
 - fix/pass alignment requirements in video decoders
 - fix/update RTP buffer API
 - raw timed text is not text/x-raw
 - fix playbin getting stuck when using external subtitles
 - other playbin fixes
 - DVD menus work at least for some cases already now
 - gdp plugin has been moved from -base to -bad
 - m4: AG_GST_ELEMENT_CHECK m4 macro for
   changed to GST_ELEMENT_CHECK (with slightly different
 - many more elements ported to 1.0
 - almost all unit tests pass now
 - fixes everywhere

Let us know of any issues you run into by filing a bug in bugzilla

Happy testing! 


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