ANNOUNCE: grilo-plugins 0.2.4 released

A new release of grilo's plugins, 0.2.4, has been released.

What is it?
Grilo is a framework that provides access to various sources of
multimedia content, using a pluggable system.

Where can I find out more?

What is new in 0.2.4?
  * General
    * Improved build system
    * Added plugins documentation
    * BGO#685473 - grl_source_query(): Does not hint at the query syntaxes

  * Blip.TV plugin
    * Use GrlNet instead of librest
    * Fixed backend API usage

  * Filesystem plugin
    * Fixed a warning

  * Jamendo plugin
    * BGO#689125 - jamendo: return no result when browsing out of range feeds

  * Local Metadata plugin
    * Check URL in resolve

  * Metadata Store plugin
    * Fixed crash with freed variable
    * BGO#687788 - metadata-store: Add 'search' with filtering by 'favourite'

  * TMDb plugin
    * Added documentation
    * Added example of use
    * Restored original-title key
    * BGO#688245 - Add tmdb plugin tests

  * Tracker plugin
    * Added support for Tracker 0.15

  * Vimeo plugin
    * Use GrlNet
    * Use quvi to get the URL video
    * Set up URL key as slow key
    * Added "format" parameter
    * BGO#688821 - Vimeo plugin is broken

Who contributed to it?
  * Andrzej Bieniek <andyhelp gmail com>
  * Antía Puentes <apuentes igalia com>
  * Jens Georg <jensg openismus com>
  * Juan A. Suarez Romero <jasuarez igalia com>
  * Mathias Hasselmann <mathias openismus com>
  * Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com>
  * Murray Cumming <murrayc openismus com>

Where can I get it?

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