GStreamer Conference 2011

The organizing committee for the GStreamer Conference 2011 are happy to announce that the full schedule for the conference is now online. Highlights includes:

* Wim Taymans speaking about GStreamer 1.0
* John Luther and Matt Frost speaking about WebM
* Arun Raghavan speaking about Pulse Audio
* David Schleef speaking about Broadcast and Web Streaming using GStreamer
* Monty Montgomery speaking about latest developments from

This year the GStreamer Conference includes presentations from the whole field of open source multimedia, not just GStreamer, with the goal for it to be the premier annual event for all things multimedia on linux and other open platforms.

The conference will take place in Prague, Czech Republic between the 24th - 25th of October 2011. The conference is taking place alongside the Linux Kernel Summit and just before CE Linux Conference Europe and LinuxCon Europe, so for anyone attending, the conferences can be easily combined.

All needed details for those wishing to attend can be found at:

The schedule for the conference can be seen at:

The early bird registration ends at 24th of September, so be sure to register before that to get the lowest conference price.

Also a big thank you to Collabora, Fluendo, Google and UbiCast, our sponsors for the GStreamer Conference 2011

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