RELEASE: GStreamer Python Bindings 0.10.22 "Ninety Tons of Thunder"

This mail announces the release of GStreamer Python Bindings 0.10.22
"Ninety Tons of Thunder".
GStreamer Python Bindings is a set of Python bindings for GStreamer,
using the same system as PyGTK. It also comes with a number of examples.

For more information, see

To file bugs, go to

Major changes:

      * pad probes working properly with recent GStreamer
      * fixes for encoding profiles and encodebin
      * build fixes
      * install pygst.h, pygstminiobject.h and other headers
        so they can be used by other python bindings such the
        ones for gstreamer-editing-services


83cfa59d596bb876b6b576027f2d2b0e  gst-python-0.10.22.tar.gz
937152fe896241f827689f4b53e79b22  gst-python-0.10.22.tar.bz2



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